Discover Preveli Beach: A Scenic Haven in Crete

Discover Preveli Beach: A Scenic Haven in Crete

A Natural Haven
Preveli Beach, also known as "Palm Beach" or "Phoenix," is renowned for its palm trees that line the shores of the Great River. This river emerges from the Kroutaliotiko Gorge, creating a beautiful lagoon and flowing into the sandy beach. As a protected area, Preveli Beach is not organized, allowing visitors to immerse themselves in unspoiled nature and tranquil.

Romantic Charm
Preveli's unique combination of the Libyan Sea, the flowing river, and the picturesque gorge makes it one of the most romantic sights in Crete. At the eastern part of the sea, a large heart-shaped stone adds to the enchanting atmosphere, creating a truly memorable experience for couples and nature enthusiasts alike.

Explore the Monastery
Preveli is also home to the historic Patriarchal Monastery, which consists of two main chapels: the ruined Monastery of St John the Baptist and the Monastery of St John the Theologian. Visitors can delve into the spiritual and cultural significance of the monastery while enjoying the breath-taking views that surround it.


  1. Boat Excursions
    Take a small boat from Agia Galini or Plakias to access Preveli Beach and enjoy a scenic journey along the coast.
  2. Adventurous Experience
    Reach Preveli Beach by car starting from Heraklion, a 2-hour drive (114 km), map out your to-visit list and begin your journey. We suggest starting from the Monastery of Preveli on the west side or Drimiskiano Ammoudi on the east side. When you get there, you may leave your car in the parking lot and begin your descent of about 500 meters (15-30 minutes of walking) to get to the beach. Mind the rough footpath and steep ascent.
  3. UV Protection
    Preveli Beach offers limited shade, so make sure to bring sunscreen, a hat, and other sun protection essentials. Don't forget to stay hydrated throughout your visit.

Fun Facts

  • Palm Tree Paradise
    Preveli Beach boasts a unique collection of palm trees, creating a tropical ambiance rarely found in Crete.
  • Secluded Beauty
    As a protected and less organized beach, Preveli retains a secluded and unspoiled atmosphere, perfect for those seeking tranquillity.
  • One of the first to set foot
    Legends say that after the Trojan War, Preveli hosted the king of Ithaca Odysseus on his return to Troy!

Preveli Beach is a true gem in Crete, offering natural beauty, tranquillity, and a touch of history. Immerse yourself in the idyllic surroundings, relax on the sandy beach, and experience the romantic atmosphere. Preveli Beach invites you to enjoy a unique blend of coastal charm and palm tree paradise.

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