Terms and Conditions

These rental terms are to be considered as a binding clause of the contract. Please read carefully before signing.

Renter’s Requirements:

The renter must be at least 21 years of age and have a valid national or international driver's license issued at least one year prior to the rental agreement.

The renter must be at least:

  • 21 years of age for categories A, B and B1,
  • 23 years of age for categories C, C1, D, E, F and F1 and
  • 25 years of age for categories G and H.

Maximum rental age: 79 years.

The age of the driver is not checked at the time of booking. In case a reservation is made without meeting the age requirements, JK Tours will not deliver the vehicle and the driver will be required to pay the full amount of the rental fee.
The driver must have a valid national or international driver's license for at least one year prior to the rental agreement.
An additional driver can be registered at no extra charge.

Rental Period & Mileage:

The minimum rental period is one day, however not referring to 24 hours but rather to the period of time defined in the rental contract. At JK Tours we provide every booking with unlimited mileage. In case a mileage limit has been agreed upon, mileage starts and ends at the rental location.

Contract details:

The renter is obliged to deliver the car at the time, date and place indicated in the contract. Any change requires a written approval of JK Tours.

  • 24% VAT is included in all prices
  • Roadside Assistance is free and available 24/7

Fuel Policy:

The renter is responsible for returning the vehicle with at least the same amount of fuel as when they received it. No refund or credit is given if the renter returns the vehicle with more fuel than provided. The type of fuel used must be the one specified in the rental agreement.

Fleet Availability:

Reservations are always made for a specific car group and not for a specific car model. JK Tours reserves the right to provide a different car model of equivalent or higher type than the one originally booked.

Optional Equipment & Car Keys:

The renter accepts responsibility for any damage or loss, including theft of any Optional Equipment and car keys during the rental period. In case of loss, there will be an additional charge (including VAT) per unit.

Delivery & Pick-up:

JK Tours can deliver/collect vehicles from all supported locations in the booking engine, including airports, ports, and selected hotels. For locations not included in our booking engine, the renter may contact JK Tours in advance and arrange a different location.

Off-Office hours deliveries (23:00 - 07:00) are subject to a €20 charge payable on arrival. Returning the vehicle during office hours is free of charge.

Rental Extension:
JK Tours has the right to refuse a rental extension if the vehicle has already been rented. If the vehicle remains available, the first hour of extension is provided by JK Tours free of charge given that the company has been notified and given permission. The next 3 hours are charged at €10 per hour. More than 3 hours is considered and charged as an extra day.

Renter’s Obligations:
The renter must ensure that all reasonable care is taken when driving and parking the vehicle.

Off-Road Driving:
It is forbidden to drive the car on unpaved roads.

Tire damage that is not repairable is not covered by insurance and the driver is responsible for paying any repair costs.

State/Border Restrictions:
The vehicle cannot be transported outside the island of Crete or transported by ship. All insurances will be void and the renter will be responsible for any damage caused if the vehicle is driven anywhere outside of Crete.

Traffic Violations & Fines:

The renter is responsible for all parking and traffic violations and will be charged for any fines and administration fees.


The renter will pay for the cleaning of the interior of the vehicle in the event that it is returned in an excessively unsanitary condition that requires additional cleaning or deodorization.

Car Accidents:
The renter is responsible for immediately reporting an accident with full details to JK Tours by phone. The renter must remain at the scene of the accident and contact the police immediately if they are unable to contact JK Tours. If the hirer does not notify JK Tours, they are obliged to pay for the repair costs of any damage caused to the hire vehicle.

More specifically:
The renter is obliged to inspect the vehicle and report any damage to the office or the police, as soon as possible (without moving the car), in order to provide all the information and photos necessary to submit a full description of the incident.

If the renter does not report the damage within two hours of the accident, they will then assume responsibility and will be required to reimburse the company for the repair costs.

* No accident/damage report will be accepted when returning the car damaged without prior notice.

The company is entitled to claim compensation from the renter for repairing damages as follows:

  • For damages caused when the vehicle is operated on any unauthorized road, whether unpaved or off-road, either intentionally or unintentionally
  • For damages caused when the renter violates traffic rules (e.g. road/STOP signs, speed limits, road direction, U-turns, illegal overtaking, double lane crossing)
  • For damages caused when the renter is distracted, misjudges his course and goes off the road
  • For damages caused when the renter violates the parking rules
  • For damages caused when the vehicle is operated in any race, speed trial, rally or competition or the vehicle is used for reward purposes (taxi or courier service)
  • For damages caused when the vehicle is driven by a person who is disqualified from driving or has never held a driving license suitable for this vehicle or is not a registered driver in the rental agreement
  • For damages caused when the driver of the vehicle is under the influence of alcohol or drugs that affects their ability to drive the vehicle
  • For damages caused when the vehicle is used recklessly by the renter (e.g. damage caused by the wind to the doors/body of the car, damage to the clutch/gearbox, damage to the interior of the vehicle, damage caused by animals, damage caused by seating/standing on the hood/boot/roof of the vehicle)

Vehicle Replacement:

If the vehicle needs repair or replacement, the decision to provide another vehicle to the renter is at the discretion of JK Tours.

Cancellation of the rental agreement:
Cancellation policies vary, depending on the type of reservation:

  • Booking cancellation before 48 hours prior to pick-up, includes a full refund of the booking amount (advance payment or full amount) from JK Tours within approximately 5 working days to the same card that was used to pay the amount.
  • Cancellation within 48 hours before the pick-up time, means that JK Tours does not refund the deposit amount.
  • In the event that there is no cancellation, and the driver does not collect the vehicle on the date and time agreed upon, the deposit will not be refunded, and the reservation will be cancelled.

JK Tours has the right to terminate the agreement and immediately, take possession of the vehicle if the renter fails to comply with any of the conditions stated in the rental agreement or if the vehicle is damaged.

Lost Property:
JK Tours is not responsible for any personal items left in the vehicle or office premises.

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